Discuss the application of the PDSA model in everyday practice.

Applying the PDSA Model 2

Applying the PDSA Model in Everyday Practice

Tamara Giebler

National American University

Quality and Risk Management

Ruth Vivian Derby

December 9, 2018

Walter Shewhart developed the concepts and techniques of statistical process control, the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle which was later modified by Edwards Deming. Then renamed it the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. The intention of the PDSA cycle is used as a process of continuous improvement; there are four steps to the PDSA cycle. And they are:

· Plan– They outline the objective of the improvement task and what is needed to be improved.

· Do– They collect and analyze the current methods.

· Study– They recap what was learned throughout and subsequently implement adjustments.

· Act– if they were a success, put them into action on a bigger scale. (Spath, P., 2018).

My father in law recently fell down sixteen stairs at our home and then he was hospitalized and had to have neck surgery. Consequently, I was incapable of accessing my classes or able to get my schoolwork completed as I did not have any internet access or a computer while at the hospital. Not long ago, before he was released to come home, I created a strategy that would let me get caught up with my schoolwork in a timely mode, additionally, to be able to catch up on the house cleaning that was ignored while I was away at the hospital with my father in law.

When I arrived home and evaluated the house cleaning that needed to be completed, I formed a timeline that allowed me two hours to get my home cleaned and the rest of the time for school work. Saturday was day one of implementing the PDSA cycle that I created. I did get my chapter reading finished during the weeks that I had become late on, I gave my dogs a necessary bath, and had to get mine and my father in laws laundry caught up. Today I will start the second consecutive day of my timeline that I created and began the day by getting my two hours of house cleaning completed, then pursued by finishing my week four classwork. I found that doing my house cleaning first thing in the morning before I completed school work returned better results. I don’t feel so concerned about doing housework after a day of finalizing my school work. In the upcoming days, I intend to implement the PDSA model to remain on track with effectively maintaining schoolwork and home life.


Spath, P. (2018). Introduction to healthcare quality management. (3rd ed). Chicago, Illinois: Health Administration Press.


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