Discuss the concept of class participation.

1. The highest potential points for in-class participation are 5-points. Please use these guidelines for online  participation.

  1. To earn points for weekly class participation, you must submit a one paragraph (100-125 words) summary of one of the required Polit and Beck (2018) readings from each unit.
  2. APA format is not required, but the material must be paraphrased, cited, and referenced. The citation and reference will always be Polit and Beck (2018). 




Polit, D. E & Beck, C. T. (2018). 

Essentials of nursing research: Appraising

evidence for nursing practice

(9th. ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer 

3.Include the page number(s) you found the material on in your citation.

4.Put your name, date, and unit number at the top of the paper, immediately followed by the summary and then the reference.

5.All of the above should be submitted on one page.  


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