Discuss the importance of a cell and why it is considered the basic functional unit of life

Discuss the importance of a cell and why it is considered the basic functional unit of life


Anatomy and Physiology
The purpose of this assignment is to help you organize the information that you have learned and to enable you to articulate it in a logical, organized and succinct manner. Some degree of repetition will be involved in this assignment, but this is truly the way concepts of anatomy and physiology are committed to memory.
Your SLP’s for this course will be a series of PowerPoint presentations. Each presentation will include speaker notes. Before we get into the specifics of the assignment, let us review formatting issues, scholarly content and speaker notes:

The power point presentation should be attractive, balanced and flow logically.
The following site will help you with your power point presentation:
Scholarly Content
Since the presentation will include information that you are obtaining from other areas, you will need to include appropriate references. References used in the power point presentation should be cited using APA format, and a comprehensive reference list should appear on the final slide(s). PLEASE NOTE: Wikipedia is not considered scholarly.
Speaker notes
What are speaker notes?
As you recall, the PowerPoint slides should only give your audience some “key” points about the topic. You should not try to “cram” your slides full of information as this makes your slides appear sloppy and too “busy”. Speaker notes can help the presenter remember everything that he or she wants to say about a particular slide.
Keep in mind- speaker notes are REQUIRED—they serve as the written portion of your SLP. The slides are one part of your SLP, but the speaker notes show me how you have taken the wide range of materials presented in each module and organized them into a logical, sequential presentation.
How do I make speaker notes?
Follow these simple steps to add speaker notes to your PowerPoint presentation:

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
2. Go to the “View” menu and select the “Notes” page.
3. The notes page will be small, so you will have to go to the “View” menu again and select “Zoom” in order to make them bigger. Select the percentage of zoom that you want (the higher the percentage, the larger the page will become).
4. Click inside the notes page and begin typing your speaker notes.
5. Continue doing this on each slide until your speaker notes are written.
Once you have finished writing your speaker notes, save your presentation & it is ready to be graded!
NOW that you know what your presentation should look like, let us turn our attention to what it should contain…

THEME of your SLP: Teaching your first Anatomy & Physiology course!

For your SLP, you have been asked to teach an anatomy and physiology course for a local vocational nursing school. In order to do this, you are going to need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will be used in your lectures.

In this first SLP, you will prepare a presentation containing 15 slides (you should use all 15 slides for your presentations), in which you provide your audience with information on the following areas:

1. Explain the similarities and differences between an atom and a molecule
2. Discuss the importance of a cell and why it is considered the basic functional unit of life
3. Discuss the function of two components of a cell
4. Discuss the function of two types of tissues
5. Discuss the function of two organ systems

Power Point Presentation Submission
This module’s PPT presentation will be submitted under the SLP section of CourseNet.


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