Discuss the Importance of Collaborative Working to Promote person Centred Care.

Discuss the Importance of Collaborative Working to Promote person Centred Care.

Discuss the Importance of Collaborative Working to Promote person Centred Care. The expectation is that your will demonstrate what elements of person- centred care and collaborative working were demonstrated or should/ could have been demonstrated in your service user narrative.
• Although your narrative may be about your own profession and you should set the scene about collaboration in the first paragraphs. You will need to draw on the enablers and barriers to collaboration using your placement experiences and what you have learnt from the CP1 sessions. Linking to the theories of why it works or doesn’t.
• Your reading should be focussed on these concepts, you should review your PowerPoint presentations and reading lists so that you are able to use that knowledge to inform your assignment.
• You are advised to read around the subjects using library sources so that you can demonstrate your knowledge with a wide range of supporting references.
• The discussion board will open after discussion board 3 is complete so that the wealth of resources accumulated over the module will be available to you.
• Communication will be an integral part of this collaborative process and person centred approaches and you should research and use relevant communication theories in your work.
• You should reference person centred care and collaborative working however please do not put large chunks of definitions/quotes in to your work as this does not make your work have criticality and uses the word count unwisely.
• Please make sure you discuss within the essay the importance of collaborative working to promote person centred care re: the title of the essay.
• The final discussion board which is around interprofessional working will assist you in having resources available to assist your learning around these subjects which can inform your final essay.
Assignment Essay Title (2000 words)
With reference to your service user descriptive narrative, discuss the importance of collaborative
working to promote person centred care.
Descriptive Service user Narrative Title (500 words) to be attached as an appendix
Put yourself in the position of a service user using the health and social care services. Imagine how
they may be feeling and what sorts of things they may say or do. Write a narrative about an
experience as if you were them.

Module Code MPLHS1 CLP
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