Discuss what you think the very basis for most (if not all)

Discuss what you think the very basis for most (if not all) of the social problems discussed in the class is.  Many sociologists argue it’s is some combination of capitalism, patriarchy, race hierarchy, or imperialism (in terms of global problems).  What do you see as the connecting threads for social problems that sociologists are interested in?  Would you add any other foundational problems to this short list for the origin of problems?  How do each of these, in your view, play into the creation of more social problems?  Keeping things sociological (AKA, not trumping capitalism as always good because……AMERICA!), are there any of these you think aren’t really the basis for more problems?  Furthermore, what theories do you think best explain these sort of foundational problems in the social system?  Explain your answer in as much detail as you can.  Conflict, functionalism, and symbolic interaction all offer interesting answers to this question.  Furthermore, there is more specific theories such as feminist, world systems, and queer theories to consider as subsets of bigger theories.  If you’d like, you can consider some of the less popular and entirely separate theories such as rational choice.

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