Discuss your role and the role of others in a patient’s assessment.

Discuss your role and the role of others in a patient’s assessment.

Choose one patient’s assessment to discuss,justify your actions during the patient’s assessment, including any referrals or interactions with the wider multi-disciplinary team. Outline any factors that adversely affected your assessment and how you could overcome next time.
This assignment requires you to write a case report of a patient assessment that you were involved in. once you have described the patient and the assessment you should then discuss that assessment process. you must choose an assessment in which other members of the multi-disciplinary team were or should have been involved. Discuss the assessment making reference to appropriate theory – anatomy and physiology if relevant.This discussion should identify the purpose of the nurse and other members of the team, and the expected outcome for the patient in terms of how this assessment will influence the care and management that the patient receives. you must also consider the influence of other factors including how the patient was and should be involved, the methods and efficacy of communication in this case, and other factors that adversely affected your assessment of the patient and the planning of their care.
Title: include the title of your assignment
introduction: outline what your assignment will cover and if you are using a patient’s name that it has been changed to respect confidentiality
Main Body: Make sure that you keep to logical sections as you develop this sections. Each paragraph must relate to one topic and it should have a topic sentence early on. Firstly, provide an overview of the assessment, and then develop your discussion of the assessment and what factors influenced it. your discussion can focus on a number of aspects, e.g.
1. communication and relationship building
2. the patient’s contribution and participation in the assessment
3. your assessment approach, level of knowledge and understanding
4. assessment tools, guides and processes used
5. the impact of the environment on the assessment
6. cultural aspects affecting the assessment
7. the role of the multi-disciplinary team (you must mention this)
8. any other aspects that affected your patient’s assessment
Note: Make sure that your discussion is supported with evidence (references) that is each sentences should be backed up with references to show where you have gotten the information from and where you have identified a negative aspect of the assessment, what you could have done differently and why.
Conclusion: present a summary of your discussion and the aspects of your chosen patient’s assessment. you might want to end on a high point with a key statement about the importance of assessment.
Reference list: This must be in Harvard style. Only include references you have cited in the essay. make sure your referencing is accurate throughout.
Marking will reflect that you have addressed the module learning outcomes which are:
1. carry out an holistic and systematic relevant nursing assessment using a range of diagnostic tools and nursing skills
2. discuss the role of the nurse and the multi-disciplinary team in the holistic assessment of the patient including the need for collaborative working and appropriate referrals
3. discuss the synthesis of assessment data to facilitate to generation of an evidence based plan of care
4. explore a variety of frameworks that can be used to organise assessment, planning and delivery of nursing care
5. recognise the diversity and individuality of the person demonstrating awareness of maintaining non-judgemental attitudes
6. ensure quality of care through utilising a range of communication skills with other health care professionals, service users and relevant others.


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