Discussion 1 and 2&nbspOverviewThis assignment has two parts. T

Discussion 1 and 2 OverviewThis assignment has two parts. The first part (A) requires that you have reviewed the course notes for this week. The second part (B) requires you to watch some videos and respond to prompts about them. Part AYou will first need to review the course notes for this week, and optionally attend or watch recordings of the lecture GoTo sessions.For part A, please post at least 2 well thought out questions (more are encouraged) that you have over this week’s material. Questions should be based on the course notes or lectures and be related to Physics. These questions can include things you are not sure you understand, concepts you find confusing, or questions that go beyond the scope of this course. Questions that make it apparent you have not reviewed the material, have not been through through, or so no effort, may receive partial or no credit at your instructors discretion. Take advantage of your chance to learn. You do not need to answer them, but these questions are mandatory and part of the grade for this activity.Your instructor will be answering a selection of these questions in a live GoTo session and saving a recoding that will be posted in the Discussion question answers assignment.Part BBelow you will find links to online videos for you to watch followed by a few questions/prompts. Each prompt might include several questions, but you do not need to answer each one. Use the questions to guide and inspire your response. Each response should be thorough and be at least 2-3 sentences in length.Why Earth’s Magnetic Shield Mattershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXFVpwecixYPrompt #1: Did it surprise you to know how much our magnetic field protects us?  How do you think life on Earth would be affected if magnetic field weakened significantly?  Have you heard anything in scientific news recently about Earth’s magnetic field?  What would happen if Earth’s magnetic field flipped?  Is this likely?  Prompt #2: How do you think our Solar System might be different if the solar wind had not blown Mars’ magnetic field away?  Would life nearby on another planet significantly change our outlook of the universe?   The Coolest Things Sound Can Dohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ude8pPjawKI The World’s Quietest Roomshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXVGIb3bzHI Prompt #1: How do you feel about sound waves being used as a weapon?  Which of the sound technologies described in the video do you think would most likely come to fruition?  Have you heard of any other uses of sound or cool things that sound can do?Prompt #2:  How long do you think you would last in the world’s quietest room?  What do you think would make you need to leave the room?  Why do you think some people can last longer than others?  Why do you think the room was designed with the shape of the walls?  Can you think of any other wall designs that are used to manipulate sound waves in a particular way?Attachments: week3cn_a9642b7e-c275-43fd-9329-35c0b8caec6a.pdf

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