discussion 1How can we sustain the environment for future po

discussion 1How can we sustain the environment for future populations? This week we discuss global warming. Most people do not understand what global warming really is, its causes, or its consequences. Most people do not know that some of their daily activities could be contributing to global warming. There are some that argue against global warming and say global warming is not occurring, or that if it is occurring, it is not primarily caused by man. Conduct some research and respond to the following:Define ‘global climate change.’Explain the theory behind the Greenhouse Effect.Name 3 or more gases that contribute to the Greenhouse Effect.Name some natural causes of greenhouse gases.Name some anthropogenic causes of greenhouse gases.What one thing can you do differently that would reduce greenhouse gases?Based on your research, summarize your own theories regarding the issue of global warming, if it is or is not occurring, if it is or is not caused by human activity, and what if anything we should be doing about the problem.discussion 2Fraud has become easier to commit with the advances in technology. Innovative criminals are finding new ways to deceive people into paying for services that don’t exist or giving up their rights in some other way.Respond to the following:Choose a type of fraud that interests you. Briefly summarize it for the class in your own words and give an example that is not in your textbook.Identity theft is a concern for all citizens. Have you or anyone you know been the victim of identity theft? If so, briefly describe the situation: how was it discovered, how was it resolved, etc. If not, use the Internet to locate a news story about identity theft and briefly describe it for the class.What advice would you give to young people obtaining a credit card for the first time on how to protect their identity?

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