Discussion 6 Analogies Capture Attention Actions for Discu

Discussion 6: Analogies Capture Attention Actions for ‘Discussion 6: Analogies Capture Attention’Hide DescriptionWatch the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjLTgqtCOjo&feature=PlayList&p=263B8E03AEEBF51C&index=10Scenario: You manage a clothing store which is part of a nationalchain. You want to give a short presentation to your employees toencourage them to be ready to adjust to some new changes coming from thecorporate office. Come up with an analogy that you could use at thebeginning of your presentation. Refer back to the approach shown in thevideo to get your creative ideas flowing.In your discussion post, describe the analogy that you came up with.Also, describe what visual aids you could use to go along with youranalogy.This due tomorrow, I look at questions and I see that Ididn’t do this one, My helper please me agan and then I would put thoseother sheet up too. Thanks a millions

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