Discussion board

Post your responses here to ALL of the following question and exercises.

1. Why is a well-formulated question so critical to conducting an evidence-based practice project?

2. Identify a health related problem of research interest for application to pratice.

3. Search for evidence. Go to the UMFK home page and click on department – Blake Library. You will need your library code. Go to Find Articles for Research and access the CINAHL full-text data base or other database. Search for 3 peer-reviewed journal articles in a research area of interest for application to nursing practice.

4. Using APA format – write an annotated bibliography for all three peer-reviewed journal articles.

5. Pick one of the peer-reviewed articles and apply and identify all four components of the PICOT model as described in your readings and listed below. The research article/s should be in a research area/question of interest as this exercise will help you begin to build your Evidence-Based Poster, which is the final course culmination assignment for this course.

(P) – Identify the patient population or patient condition of interest.


(I) – Identify the intervention(s) of interest.

(C) – Identify the comparison of interest (e.g., another intervention or treatment or usual standard of care).

(O) – Identify the outcome of interest.

(T) – Time

6. Once the components of the PICOT question have been identified. Use the following resource to develop and write your PICOT question to help you refine your search. Use the following PICOT worksheet below and resource from Sonoma University for deloping a PICOT question to assist you. http://guides.lib.unc.edu/pico






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