Discussion Board 3

I’m trying to learn for my Communications class and I’m stuck. Can you help?


what is something you have previously struggled with in job interviews? What ideas/tips from this week’s readings (Martin, 2014 and/or Gallo, 2014) do you think will be especially helpful for you as you prepare for your next interview? Explain.

First interview was back in 2017. I applied for a computer lab assistant i went to do the interview i was not prepared for it. And i was really nervous since that was my first job interview. The Job was part time at university of Utah and they asked me simple questions but i did not answer them well. One other reason is my first language is Arabic and i was not confident. My language is fine and i understand each words they were saying but i was not focus.



PEER RESPONSES. You are also required to respond to at least two other student’s posts/threads on each discussion board.

      1. Response posts should also be thoughtful and well written. They should demonstrate that you have either learned from another’s post, or that another’s post enabled you to see things differently, or relate to another student on a new level. Simply responding with, “I like your post” or “You make an interesting point” is not sufficient.
      2. Read what other students have to say and comment on their posts. If someone makes an interesting observation or point, let them know you appreciated their insights and explain how their story has resonated with you. Alternatively, perhaps you disagree with what another student says. Reply (politely) with a critique. You might say, “I understand your perspective, but I viewed this differently…..” Engage in a conversation and invite others to join the conversation.


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