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After reading Case 1-3: Unintended Consequences, post your answers to the following questions in the Chapter 1 discussion forum. Be sure to support and explain your answers.


1. Should Veronica not honor her commitment, what potential consequences are there for (a) Veronica, (b) the internship program, (c) the other employers, (d) the university, and (e) other students? Explain.

2. Using the Six Pillars of Character, analyze Veronica’s actions. What do Veronica’s actions tell you about her character? Do you think her advisor handled the situation appropriately? Why?

3. Assume that Anywhere CPAs operates in an “employment-at-will” state, where generally it is lawful for an employer to fire an employee and this law generally is also applied to employer-rescinded job offers. Should that affect Veronica’s decision to take a job with one of the other potential employers? Why?

4. If Veronica decided to accept one of the other job offers, and that employer subsequently learned about Veronica backing out of her previous commitment, how might that employer react? Explain.


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