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I’m trying to learn for my Nutrition class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Find a recent nutrition article in the ‘lay press.’ (In other words, find an article in a magazine, newspaper, or website but not in a scientific journal…the article should be about research but not BE the research article).

  • What is the article reporting that “they” learned and who is “they?” (What are they reporting the research conclusion to be? Who did the research?)
  • What type of research is being referenced? Can you even tell? (case study vs. randomized controlled vs. observational, etc. This is important to determining if they are reporting the results accurately)
  • Attach the article to your thread (or cut and paste it in if that’s easier)
  • Let us know what you think about the conclusions it’s drawing or the advice it’s giving. ..are they reasonable given the study? Do you have enough detail to decipher whether this is really meaningful?

The goal here is to find something in the lay press – a newspaper, e-newsletter, or magazine – and determine if you think they are accurately representing the research on which they are reporting. Thus, the goal is not to go find a peer reviewed journal article yourself and assess the research quality. It is to read the story in print or online as others would and figure out if you think the news got it right – why or why not?


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