discussion post 200 words/ must respond to two peers

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Please review table 14.1 on page 223 in your textbook. Choose two of the eight communication platforms and create a strategy for any product of your choosing. For example, if I choose the Apple iPhone and my two communication platforms are sales promotion: demonstrations and advertising: packaging/outer. I would then describe how I believe Apple could use these two platforms effectively and why I chose these two platforms over the other choices. Post and reply per syllabus instructions.

You must reply to the post and respond to at least 2 (two) classmates per the following guidelines to be eligible for credit. The initial post should be a MINIMUM of 250 words, present an indepth discussion, and utilize APA formatted references/sources (https://www.mendeley.com/guides/apa-citation-guide (Links to an external site.)) to support your assertions. Your replies should EACH be a MINIMUM of 200 words per post, refer to peers’ comments to build on concepts, and include APA formatted references/sources to support your assertions. You are required to submit a post prior to viewing other student posts.

However, you may choose to post a video instead. Using the ‘Record/Upload Media’ in the WSYWIG above, you can record or upload your discussion post. If you do decide to use media to respond, then you cannot use the written APA when referencing, but you can mention where you found your information in your recording.


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