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I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

  • Describe one person you can enlist to help support you as you pursue your doctoral degree.
    • I really do love this prompt. Before I signed up for my doctoral program I knew that I was going to need a support system. Since I work from home, full-time and part time, and I have 3 kids, I knew that I would need people to help keep me motivated in my most difficult times. I am married, and I know that I can rely on my spouse to help me, but I also have some friends that I can go to when I am feeling overwhelmed.
    • There are a few things that my support system will need to be able to do. They will need to be honest with me. They may need to tell me when I am making mistakes and they will need to push me when I need it. Anyone in my support system will also have to remind me of my “why”. They will need to remind me why I decided to do this in the first place. Honestly, this is what most people need when they are at a low point.
  • Describe how that support person can help you.
    • When I am in need of support, I will need someone that knows how to talk with me. I will need my support system to be willing to help me figure out what the real issue is. Sometimes, as anyone does, I will be stressed out and I need someone to help me figure out what is really bothering me. Often, we will have misdirected “stress” (like misdirected anger), and we need to get the root of the actual issue. My support system will help me stay grounded and figure out what the real problem is and how to solve it.
  • Explain how you will ask that person to provide you with that support.
    • Well, as I stated above, I have quite a few people that I can turn to for support. I feel that I will have certain people that I will go to when I have a specific issue. If I am just feeling stressed out because of life, I will go to my spouse and ask him to help me through that moment. If I am having an issue with academics, I will go to my instructor and I will also turn to my colleagues for help. I am not sure if I fully answered the question, but I am all about being direct. I will literally ask for the help that I need and be humble enough to accept it.


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