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How do you think your doctoral program will be different than other academic programs you have completed ?

It will be different because your focused more on research and gaining more knowledge at the same time. It will also be different because it is a reflection of all your achievements and progresses so far and combining them to enter the doctoral experience. It will enhance your attributes of what you gained with even more knowledge.

What skills you will need to develop as a doctoral learner ?

The first skill is to be even more a researcher than I already am. The second skill would be to even more skilled at writing when it comes to doctoral work. These are the skills I would want to develop more as a doctoral learner.

Which resources or strategies could you use to support you ? How will you use them ?

The resource that I would use is the Capella online library if I need some research material. Another resource I would use is the online writing center if I ever would need help on a writing assignment. These are the resources I would use to support me.

How might your mindset help you overcome challenges ?

My mindset will help me because I never give up whenever I’m faced with challenges. Plus I just set goals in my thoughts and complete them one at a time. This is how my mindset will help me overcome challenges.


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