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The main topic I considered when searching for relevant articles was: Why do teachers and teacher teams, despite having extensive knowledge of the PLC process, fall short in the implementation of the stages associated with the process? While digging into this topic I looked at multiple components including literature that discussed each stage of the PLC process and its correlation to student learning, and teacher response to professional development that requires a pedagogical change.

One of the articles I selected was “Professional Learning Communities and the Positive Effects on Student Achievement: A National Agenda for School Improvement”. This article was relevant to my topic because it informs professional practice in the field of education by looking at whether or not student achievement is impacted by professional learning communities. The study was based in Texas and compared the “Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills” (TAKS) scores in math and english of schools that self identified as PLC schools with schools of similar make up who were not acting as PLC’s.

It was a very interesting read that ultimately provided data in support of a positive correlation between functioning PLC’s and student achievement (TAKS scores). It also noted that it takes approximately 3 years for elementary schools to see a difference after implementing this practice and 6 years for high schools.


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