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The article, College readiness for All: The Challenge for Urban High Schools, is very relevant to what I have been saying for years. Students are not readily prepared in high school for what is needed to aspire a college degree. I cannot speak about the many areas this article emphasizes that students are not ready for college. This article talks about not being prepared because of race, ethnicity, and family income.

The skills are not taught to enable the students to move forward as discussed by Roderick, Nagaoka, and Coca. They emphasize that the basic skills core curriculum and college knowledge is not done so they can apply it to college.

There achievement scores and grade point averages are not where they should be. But these authors believe it is mainly a racial and ethnic problem. But I believe it is that and just not exposing the student to what they to enter college and letting them know they need the main skills not just to get out of high school, but to advance in whatever career they need. Most of it is just plain having the discipline to want to do to move forward and not just get out of high school.

This article wants to blame everything mostly on racial and ethnic and income disparities as to reasons some students cannot transition from high school to college. Look at the graduation requirements from high school. Some of those classes make no sense if the student is not college bound. So they probably will not try hard enough to succeed. What about a separate set of classes for students going straight to the work force? What about those needing class necessary for them to go into skill work.


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