Discussion this was my discussion below. the bold question i

Discussion this was my discussion below. the bold question is a responce please post a responce to the question instructor askedOne of the interesting properties of transformer is changing of voltageand current levels in ratio of turn ratio between primary and secondarywindings of transformer. Since the primary current is related tosecondary current by_Ip=Is/aHere “a” is turn ration of transformer. Itcan be seen from the formula, primary winding current is directlyproportional to secondary winding current. It means transformersecondary winding impedance is reflected back to primary along withmultiplication of turn ration factor. So, if the current throughsecondary increases, it will be reflected back in primary, resulting inconsequent increase in primary winding current.This phenomenon can alsobe described on basis of induced emf and flux linkage. When secondary oftransformer is short circuited, even small value of induced emf acrosssecondary, induces huge amount of current through secondary circuit.This large value of current opposes the incoming flux through core oftransformer, resulting in weak flux linkage between primary andsecondary. As a result, nearly of the flux in contained within primaryresulting in huge amount of current through it.In the same way, voltageacross primary is directly related to secondary, as can be seen from therelation_Vp=aVsSo, if the primary is Open circuited, no voltage wouldinduce in secondary, resulting in zero output voltage.It is commonpractice of connecting neutral wire of electrical outlet directly toground. Hence, grounded objects near the device under test may be atdangerous potential level when comparing with test device. By usingisolation transformer, this type of correspondence is eliminated, whichin case of short circuit would result shock hazard to be avoided. Noise is common transformer – what are the primay causes?

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