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After reading Chapters 1 and 2 from Cultural Anthropology, please complete the following assignment:

question1. What contributions can anthropology make to our contemporary society?

2. Many norms and values in the United States are currently under intense debate. One good example of this is the controversy over transgender bathrooms. Some states enacted laws to prevent transgender individuals from using a bathroom that did not match their outward biological gender. Courts have ruled to overturn these laws. Discuss examples of culture change that may occur if this and similar laws are federally legalized in the United States

classmate’s discussion for discussion1 :

question1 : Anthropology is unique in the way it goes beyond our own culture and studies people and places that one from the outside would not necessarily understand. Depending on what field of anthropology there is a lot our contemporary society can learn and use. Biological and physical anthropology allows us to understand how genetics has influenced culture. Our society today can learn what physically is best for society and learn more about nutrition. Linguistic anthropology helps us understand the symbols behind our language and what is important to a culture and what keeps us united. This can contribute to contemporary society by allowing us to better interact with other societies in this globalized world. Archaeology looks at the physical objects left behind by ancient societies. This aids in understanding of where humans come from and how ancient cultures lived before there were the advancements we have today. From this study we can learn about architecture or art. Then there is cultural anthropology that studies human culture. With this we can better understand other people and learn how to do things better. By studying other cultures, we are able to see what works and what does not work and make improvements in our own society in things like government and education

question2: One aspect of culture is that it can be changed. The norms and values of the United States are currently under debate surrounding transgender bathrooms. With some states attempting to establish laws preventing transgender individuals from using a bathroom that did not match their outward biological gender. These laws were overturned, but the debate remains. If laws like this are federally legalized, then traditional gender roles in the United States may change. Transgender individuals allow for the idea of gender fluidity making it so our gender roles can no longer apply. Our idea of what someone should be and how they should act will change as our culture accepts transgender people. This will also affect our concept of a family structure. No longer will the expected family be two parents, male and female, with kids. Our idea of what a family includes will expand to include all combinations of male and female parents.



After reading Chapter 3 from “Cultural Anthropology” please complete the following assignment:

question: if you are an International student make a list of the aspects of of living in the U.S. that you have found most shocking about life in this country and how have you adapted to them.

classmate’s discussion for discussion2 :

Language is obviously the biggest hurdle in any foreign society. If you cannot communicate effectively then you will face many challenges in that environment.

Another aspect would be adapting to the food of the society. It may be completely different or even be things that are seen as inedible to you, but a staple to them.

Societal roles may be another aspect that one could struggle with. Gender roles may be swapped or take on a variety of other tasks than expected from your home environment.

text book:



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