DiscussionIn this Discussion, you will start thinking about

DiscussionIn this Discussion, you will start thinking about how you can best convey yourmessage through digital media such as a video, slide presentation, or podcastwhich rely on both text and visuals to highlight a main message. If you are notreadily familiar with digital media tools, KUWC has resources that you canreview, and one of them is “PowerPoint Basics.” If you want to trydifferent tools beyond the basic slide presentation, the Internet has severalfree tools to consider, such as Animoto®, Prezi®, PowToon®, WeVideo®, orFotobabble®.When considering both the tools and visuals to include, keep in mind thefollowing requirements of this unit’s digital media Assignment:Contains research from at least four reliable sources, including graphics,to support the main message of the digital media presentationContains at least two visuals (e.g., photo, table, diagram, chart, etc.) Cites research and visuals in APA citation format, both in-text and on aReferences slide or separate Word document. You need to quote material takendirectly from a source. The same standards apply to both a presentation andan essay.Has a clear message related to an argument for change in your community orworkplaceIs designed to reflect the needs and interests of a specific audience tohelp motivate your viewers to take actionBacks up assertions with evidence from credible sources in the text andcites those sources in the text and on a References slide to allow theintended audience to research the topic further, if desired Contains at least 8–10 slides (slide presentation) or lasts approximately45 seconds to 1 minute (video or audio)As noted in the Learning Activities, a great deal of thought should be put intothe selection and use of visuals and text in digital media presentations.Therefore, you will write a detailed plan for the digital media presentation.You will also create a draft of your digital media presentation and share it onthe Discussion Board to receive feedback from your classmates and theinstructor. You will receive peer feedback on your draft of your digital mediapresentation, much like you may well receive comments and feedback from yourcommunity members or coworkers if they are provided access to the digital mediapresentation.When you engage in a team presentation, whether for work or school, you want toprovide support for your teammates, acknowledge their contributions by pointingout strengths in their work, and offer original, thoughtful feedback that willbenefit the entire team. The ability to collaborate effectively is a crucialprofessional skill, and this week’s discussion will help you to build thoseskills.Respond to all of the prompts below in the context of your potential digitalmedia presentation on an argument for change in your community or workplace: Describe the argument for change you will convey in your digital mediapresentation. Identify your primary audience, strategies for supporting yourargument, and your selected media tool. Create a draft of your digital media presentation and share it on theDiscussion Board. Attach the PowerPoint file or include a URL.For this unit’s Discussion, participationwill be worth 20 points. To earn full participation credit, you willneed to respond substantively to at least two peers’ presentations.These responses should offer substantive, constructive feedback andoffer specific suggestions for improvement. The responses should addressthe following questions: What is the main message that you took away from the digital mediapresentation? How well do the written text and visuals work together to create anargument? How might the identified audience respond to the presentation’s text andvisuals? What were the strengths of the presentation? What are at least two areas that need improvement? All Discussion posts and responses to peers should be written in completesentences using Standard American English. Before posting, proofread forgrammar, spelling, and word-choice issues. Be sure to respond fully to everyaspect of the Discussion.When you refer to concepts from the unit Learning Activities, be sure to use asignal phrase like “According to . . .[name of reading].” If you are directlyquoting the Learning Activities or another source, be sure to use quotationmarks and cite the source using proper APA in-text citations and fullreferences.Kaplan University Writing Center hasresources on APA citation formatting.https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/ResearchCitationAndPlagiarism/Index.aspxYou can review a sample Discussion post and response to a peer by clicking on thefollowing link:Unit 9 Sample Discussion Assignment. You can review a sample PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the followinglink:Unit 9 Sample PowerPoint. You can alsoreview a video version of the same presentation by following this link toYouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2OJH5tbr2k.You can review the rubric the instructor will use when determining yourDiscussion grade by clicking on the following link: Discussion Assignment Grading Rubric

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