Disease Frequency

(Explain what your results mean)

The population of the City of Spokane in 2010 was 100,000 (assume this is the population on all days of the year). The health department’s Pneumonia Surveillance System reported 2000 people with the disease on January 1, 2010. Over the course of the year, 13,000 new cases of pneumonia were reported and 1500 deaths were attributed to pneumonia. If possible, calculate the following measures. If not possible, explain why.
Point Prevalence on January 1, 2010
Period Prevalence for 2010
Cumulative Incidence
Mortality Rate
Case Fatality Rate
Pneumonia-Specific Mortality Rate
In 2006, a screening program of 1000 men aged 60-69 identified 100 men with high blood cholesterol levels. Indicating risk for heart disease. By the end of a 10-year follow-up period, an additional 200 men with high cholesterol levels were identified. Which measure(s) of high cholesterol occurrence can be calculated and why. Calculate these measures.
Mass screening of 2000 men aged 55 years identified 100 men with prostate cancer. During the following 10-year period, another 300 men contracted the disease. Assume that the prostate cancer cases occurred, on average, half-way through the follow-up period. Calculate those measures of disease frequency that would be possible given these data.
In 2015, a group of women at high risk of developing breast cancer (based on genetic profiles) was identified. The cohort was followed to monitor tumor development and assess treatment outcomes. The experience during the first five years of follow-up of a small subset of these women is shown in the attached document. Calculate the incidence rate of breast cancer in this group.

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