dont copy and paste from internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&nbspdo not

don’t copy and paste from internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not copy and paste from internet do not try to copy from internet because I have a program that is able to see if the task is plagiarized or not. You have to use only the information of the book, in the word document there is the pictures of the book using only the information of the book Guidance for P54.1 The Active Promotion of Anti-Discriminatory PracticeWorking in collaboration with others read through pages 77 to 80 and answer the following questions. Ensure you link each answer to your chosen placement.• What are Ethical Principles?• How can you put the service users at the heart of your provision?• What is active support and what does in encompass?• Who supplies support for those with mental health issues?• What is meant by “coping strategies” in Mental Health?• How can you support individuals to express their needs and preference?• How ca you promote an individuals’ rights, choices and well-being?• How can you balance the rights of the individual with the rights of others?• What are the strategies that can be used for dealing with conflict?• How can you identify and challenge discrimination at your setting?4.2 Personal Beliefs & Value Systems.Working in collaboration with others read through pages 80 to 82 and answer the following questions about your own personal beliefs and values:• How would you describe your culture? What has influenced your culture?• How would describe your beliefs?  What has influenced your beliefs?• What past events have impacted on how you view other cultures and beliefs?• how do you think primary and secondary socialisation has impacted on your life?• Can you describes any environmental influences?• How would describe your current health and well-being?• How do you think your health and well-being influences who you are today?• How has this course developed your awareness and tolerance of others?• Are you truly committed to applying the CVB?• Are you now more careful in how you use language?• Do you consider yourself capable to work within the legal, ethical and policy guidelines which influence the provision of H&S Care?• Why do you think that reflecting on your personal beliefs and values is important if you wish to work in health & social care?

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