Dorothea Dix’s nursing theory presentation

Presentation Guidelines

Format for presentation:

1.   Brief biography of the nursing theorist

  • Make the theorist “come alive†.
  • How did the theorist get to the point of proposing the theory?
  • How has the theorist evolved the theory/model evolved since the initial conceptualization?


2.   Analysis of theory

  • Describe the theory
  • Clarify the focus and scope and reasons for designation
  • Identify and explain the content (concepts, non-relational and relational propositions)
  • Explicate the metaparadigm concepts (person, health, environment, nursing)
  • The context in which the theory was developed, if available



3.   Evaluation of the theory: (this section is to be supported and linked to the

definition of the criteria for analysis


  • Scope, comprehensiveness or range: significance of the theory:
  • Explication/ parsimony/ clarity
  • Social utility and significance
  • Logical development; clarity
  • Credibility/ reality convergence
  • Its ability to generate theory if a conceptual model or if a theory, its testability


  • One journal article are to be presented and discussed that have utilized the theory/model as an underpinning for research demonstrating evidence-base practice.


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