Draft an Email Response to the customer denying his request for a new phone.

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The Assignment will be:

 Brief (1-page, 12 Font, double spaced).
 Cover the key areas and objectives of the Lessons and assigned reading.
 Provide research, opportunities and to solutions for the topic given that week.

Assignment Topic: Draft an Email Response to the customer denying his request for a new phone.

Your company markets a line of rugged smartphones cases designed to protect the sensitive devices from drops, spills and other common accidents. Your guarantee states that you will reimburse customers for the cost of a new phone if the case fails to protect it from any of the following: (a) a drop of no more than 6 feet onto any surface; (b) spills of any beverage or common household chemical; (c) being crushed by any object weighing up to 100 pounds Class A, 200 pounds Class B, and 300 pounds for a Class C; or (d) being chewed on by a dogs, cats, or other common household pets.
Bob Welch, a rancher in Colorado owner of a Class A case, emailed your customer support staff, requesting a reimbursement after he dropped his iPhone in his hog barn and a 900-pound boar crushed it in a single bite.
Your task is to write an email response to Bob, denying his request for a new phone.

Format: Email Response Format (Business Communication Today Ch 10.11.12). Subject and Addressee must be included.
1. Company: Brisk Phone Accessories
2. Specialization: Protective Accessories for phone and electronic devices.
3. Company Location: Seattle, WA
4. Addressee: Bob Welch


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