Draw an entity-relationship diagram to representthe followin

Draw an entity-relationship diagram to representthe following information.  If you needto make any assumptions you can do so, but clearly list all assumptions thatyou make. Bob Smith owns Smith Realty. Smith Realty is an independent full service realty company that servesWashington, Greene, Carter, and Unicoi counties in Tennessee.  They list properties for sale in the MLS(Multiple Listing Service) and represent buyers as brokers.  Smith Realty has been in business for 10years and has previously tracked all of their customers and sales using apurchased real estate business application. Because it is proprietary software, Smith Realty can’t access its datadirectly, but must use the application. The reports available to them are somewhat limited and the company thatcreated the software no longer supports it.  Currently, SmithRealty has 4 agents, including Bob. Smith Realty is growing and is always looking for good agents.  There is also a high turn over with agents.  Good agents move from agency to agencylooking for the best benefits.  Lessproductive agents quit frequently. Agents have to be licensed and have to meet state requirements in orderto renew their license.  It’s import forSmith Realty to keep track of agent licensure because if an agent’s licenseexpires, the fines can be substantial.  Smith Realty hasdifferent types of customers.  Some sellproperty, some buy property, or a customer can be both a buyer and a seller.  Smith Realty prides itself on its customerservice and because of this has a high rate of return customers as well asreferrals.  Smith Realty is satisfiedwith the way the current Customer Relationship Management application trackscustomer information.  It allows them tocorrespond with their customers and keep in contact with them.  Because of this, your design will only needcustomer ID to represent a customer.  Smith Realtyrepresents customers wishing to sell real estate.  In order to list the property in the MLS,Smith Realty gathers information pertinent to the property such as address,features, sq ft, acreage, taxes, utility bills, listing price, and otherinformation that a buyer would need to know to make an informed decision.    Some customers arein the market to buy real estate.  SmithRealty represents these customers as a brokerage firm.  They show buyers properties that meet thecustomer’s expressed needs.  When thecustomer sees a property in which they are interested, Smith Realty representsthe customer by helping make the offer and any counter offers.  Once an offer is accepted, Smith Realty alsorepresents the customer in the closing processes.

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