DUE MONDAY NOVEMBER 17TH BY 10AMThroughout your degree progr

DUE MONDAY NOVEMBER 17TH BY 10AMThroughout your degree program, you have learned about many theorists within the various psychological schools of thought. For this Assignment, you will have the opportunity to focus on a theorist you find influential. First, you will describe the individual’s theory and critically analyze it by doing the following:·Detail the main concepts in the theory.·Discuss the strengths of the theory.·Discuss criticisms of the theory.Next, you will apply the theory to your area of emphasis which is APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS!·Create a 1-paragraph case study of a client you might encounter in a job related to your area of emphasis. The client can be an individual or an agency/organization (for those in the I/O emphasis).·Discuss how at least three concepts from the theory you chose can be applied in working with your client.The body of your paper should be 3–4 pages (not counting the title page and reference page) and should include an introduction and conclusion. You mustuse at least three academic references to support your ideas. References must be in APA format, including in-text citations and reference list.Unit 3 ProjectGrading CriteriaPointsPossiblePointsEarnedContentClearly describes the main concepts in the theory.Discusses the strengths of the theory.Discuss criticisms of the theory.Creates a case study related to emphasis area.Discusses how at least three concepts from the theory can be applied in working with the created client.WritingStructure:Paper includes a title page, introduction with thesis statement, conclusion, and in-text citations and reference page using APA style. Paper is appropriate in length (body of the paper should be 3-4 pages, not including the title page or reference page). Paper includes reference to at least three academic sources.Mechanics:Paper uses Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and complete sentences and paragraphs. Paper is free of typographical errors. Paper includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose. Paper demonstrates superior organization; communication is highly ordered, logical and unified.

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