During the last class, you and your Facilitator worked throu

During the last class, you and your Facilitator worked through asignificant portion of your Research Project. Your task over the nextfew weeks is to complete the process by writing the final two sectionsof your project. Be not afraid though – these two sections tend to bethe shortest sections. The first section we will focus on is the Findings section. By now,you should have become very familiar with the research related to yourtopic. Based on your review of your draft or feedback from yourFacilitator, there may still be a few bits of research that need to becomplete. If so, be sure to complete that process before moving forwardwith this assignment. Once you have completed reviewing all your research, you will need tomake a determination concerning your hypothesis. In other words, wasyour hypothesis right or wrong? This may be a little difficult since itwill rely on your subjective analysis. If we were relying on actualdata, you would have to report the data and through that data make adetermination concerning your hypothesize. Since you are relying on aninterpretation of the literature you reviewed, you will have to rely onall the data you have reviewed from the writings you have collected.The following outline may help you as you write this section:1. Provide a brief (one or two paragraphs) description of the topic this research is addressing and what it hopes to provide.a. Be sure to restate your hypothesis as a part of this. 2. Briefly summarize the two (or more) major perspectives on the issue. 3. State a result.a. Was the hypothesis right or wrong, based on the data reviewed as part of the research?i. Be sure to provide statistical data where appropriate.IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to keep the language in this sectiondirect and to the point. In the next section, you can provide someinsights and interpretation. The Findings Section is just a statement offact.

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