Each word group in the following paragraph is numbered.&nbsp In

Each word group in the following paragraph is numbered.  In the space provided, write C if a wordgroup is a complete sentence; write F if it is a fragment.  You will find eight fragments in theparagraph.1I’m starting to think that there is no safeplace left.  2To ride abicycle.  3When I try to rideon the highway, to go to school.  4Ifeel like a rabbit being pursued by predators. 5Drivers whip past me at high speeds.  6And try to see how close they canget to my bike without actually killing me. 7When they pull onto the shoulder of the road or make a rightturn.  8Driver completelyignore my vehicle.  9On citystreets, I feel more like a cockroach than a rabbit.  10Drivers in the city despisebicycles.  11Regardless of anapproaching bike rider.  12Street-sidecar doors will unexpectedly open.  13Frustrateddrivers who are stuck in traffic will make nasty comments.  14Or shout out obscenepropositions.  15Evenpedestrians in the city show their disregard for me.  16While jaywalking across thestreet.  17The pedestrian willtreat me, a law abiding bicyclist, to a withering look of disdain.  18Pedestrians may even cross mypath deliberately.  19As if toprove their higher position in the pecking order of the city streets.  20Today, bicycling can behazardous to the rider’s health.____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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