Early Civilizations Worksheet

Part I: TimelineCreate a timeline for each of the following civilizations, listing any major events in the civilization’s history:·        Mesopotamian·        Egyptian·        Hebrew·        Indus·        Vedic Aryan·        ChineseYoumay create your own timeline using Microsoft® Word or you may use any of the timeline creators online. However, if you use an online resource, you must provide a web link to the completed timelines or a screenshot of your timelines. You may also use the University of Phoenix Timeline Builder if this link does not work you can copy the link and paste in your browser.            Part II: Cultural ContributionsComplete the following matrix with at least one element for each category.Part III: Short Answer ResponsesRespond to the following in your own words:1.      What is culture?2.      What is civilization?3.      What is history?4.      Why do you think it is important to study the development of civilizations?What are the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages? To what dates does each refer?

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