ECOLOGICALLY SOUND BUILDING / CONTEMPORARY with HISTORIC LINEAGE DISCOURSE:Buildings, structures are what it is all about. There are foreground buildings, and background buildings. Many “environmentally” sensitive buildings go unnoticed due to their “low profile”; and yet deserve to be recognized and set foreword as an example of good architecture. Your Mission is to find such a building and bring it foreword. This will be in the form of a Power Point Presentation. You are to select a building that has relied on natural features, elements to achieve the “comfort” zone. You will reference a minimum of three historic sources. Minimum is equal to a “C”. For example, the entrance to an Eskimo’s igloo may be considered as a forerunner of today’s vestibule entrance. Your report would illustrate just how the igloo entrance functioned, and how it had been adapted to the particular building you chose to present. OBJECTIVE: The objective is to understand  those structures, which incorporate “old” technology to achieve environmental sustainability. Think about “natural systems. FORMAT:POWER POINT: 20 MB MAXIMUM SIZE!APPROXIMATELY 5 – 10 MINUTES DURATION: REQUIRED:1.) Photo and or sketch of site and structure. (NORTH)2.) Energy flow (Light, heat & air circulation)2.) Explanation of any conflicting issues the building addresses without major compromise.3.) Illustrate the impact on the environment on FORM.4.) Graphics are important / consider presentation to illustrate how things work.5.) Credit your sources. 6.) This must be a structure you have experienced first-hand. This may NOT be your ROAD TRIP subject. 7.) DEMONSTRATE HOW IT COULD BE or COULD HAVE BEEN incorporated INTO YOUR THESIS or FINAL PROJECT or PROFESSIONAL WORK.NOTE:I am not interested in a rehash of a magazine article. I am not interested in looking at photographs from someone other than you the author. I am not interested in viewing anything other than your work, your photographs, your drawings / sketches and the like which explain just how the building works.NOTE:The slides with speaker notes and especoially the drawings and sketches part.

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