EHR Vendor System Features and Recommendation Research Paper


connect your knowledge of EHRs and the implementation process.

– Research and search the internet to find three different EHR vendors.
– List a set of three features or factors that you will use to evaluate the systems such as cost, quality, performance, and so on.
– Compare and provide a description of the three systems using the set of three factors above.
– Provide a recommendation for a vendor system for a small physician practice with 10 employees and provide a recommendation for a major hospital system with 30,000 employees.

Please be sure to include and cite your reference sources following best writing practices.


Learning Journal Title: Chapter 6
Learning Journal Topics:

Providers and Provider Data
Model Process Step
Regression Node
Logistic Regression (vs. Linear Regression)
Logistic Regression Evaluation

The book is attached

for Q2 define each one separately

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