Election Technology Discussion

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Read https://cacm.acm.org/news/231455-the-crisis-of-election-security/fulltext (Links to an external site.)

Read the following introduction and answer the questions. Then reply to 2 of your classmates’ answers with value-added replies (e.g., not just “I agree”):

Hi everyone my name is Uri-Jaun Hall and throughout the course of the week we will be discussing Election technology and focusing on the ethics of using said technology knowing the security risks. Electronic voting has been around since the 1960’s and has been evolving since then. According to the article by the New York Times, there are roughly 350,000 voting machines currently in use in the U.S., but it is clear that this technology is not hack proof. In Illinois, Hundreds of thousands of voters have had their information stolen before the government even caught on to the hacker’s presence on the network. We continue to use this technology at the risk of people losing personal information to bad actors. There is even the possibility of them changing election results, and concerns are heightened by recent talks of voting by phone. So, thinking about the integrity of coming elections, here are the first of my questions:


1. What do elections look like for the future? Do we need to go back to manual ballot tallying?

2. Do you think we should invest in a more secure system? Are we at a loss for options? Is there a fool proof way to fairly count the ballots and protect our elections?

3. Why do you think the security flaws are being exploited and how can we attempt hold these attackers accountable?


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