Emotional Leadership

Please provide an overview about ‘Emotional Leadership’ and how it possibly affects cross-cultural cooperation.

Please envision you are the Head of HR in a company that you are familiar with. If you have no specific company, please envision a company that you are familiar with. The CEO of the company has asked all department heads to present about the following topics to the management board, in order for them be informed about possible improvement areas when working internationally.

In this context, please put together an Executive Style Presentation with approx. 20 mins in length. In this presentation, please inform your senior management about one topic from the following list of choices:

Differentiate Transformational and Transactional leadership and lay out how the two concepts translate into a practical work environment.

Please briefly explain the concept of Cross-Cultural Management and its relevance in supporting global business operations.

Please provide an overview about ‘Emotional Leadership’ and how it possibly affects cross-cultural cooperation.

Please differentiate existing conflict styles and how they are applied in different cultural environments.

Please note the following important points: This is an individual assignment (not group). You do not need to “present” personally. It needs to be uploaded to NILE. The submission should be in executive format with notes shown below explaining the bullet points in the slides. It is recommended that you avoid using notes section. Include referencing/ sourcing.

Please upload using Pdf format. If you upload using PowerPoint the notes may not show below.  .

The assessment criteria is:

Max 20 slides

Formatted to a high degree, suitable to present to Senior Management

Visible structure of the presentation

Clear adhearance to the instructions as above

The presentation must be research-informed, means you need to present based on academic reading, not your own practical experience

You must properly reference sources that you have consulted

You must provide a conclusion and present recommendations

Please provide supporting comments in the slide notes

Very important notes from the tutor

The assignment has 3 sections: literature review, implementation and critical analysis, each carry almost equal weight. *Your implementation should be in a department or two of your current organization so the recommendation part is on how to make the objective of your assignment work: meaning plans and strategies to implement your scope in a detailed manner


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