English 103 research paper

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Research Prompt

Using the Rogerian strategy, write an essay that illustrates the benefits and challenges of a pursuing a college degree in the 21stCentury.

Read the three scholarly articles in this module to gain an understanding of some the discussion aroundcollege education.

  • You will need a total of 6 sources for this research assignment and they must all scholarly in content.
  • You may use three(3) articles in this module, select three more from the Cerritos college library databases.
  • Your paper must be 1750-2000 ( no more than 2000) words.
  • Paper must meet all MLA standards or will incur a 30% reduction in grade for draft and/or Final copy.

I need both the rough draft(1000 words) and the final copy (1750-2000 words), which means you need to give me works in total.


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