English 120

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Research Paper

Length: 46pages(double spaced, MLA format)

Sources:46 ( I have the source)

What innovation and/or ethical/moral issue within your field is currently trending, and what is your argumentative position on this?MORE POTENTIAL QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER TO HELP YOU STRUCTURE YOUR RESEARCH AND OVERALL ESSAY:If it’s an innovation, who are some of the leaders/organizations who havefounded it? What are some of the reasons, causes/effects of this innovation, etc.? What has this innovation already accomplished? What do you think about all this?If it’s an ethical/moral issue, who has called attention to it and why? What is at stake,or whom is being “harmed” and in what sense? What problems/solutions have emerged?What do you think about all this?In your research paper, make sure to do the following:

Thoroughly explain any keyconceptswithin your field for any unfamiliar yet educated reader.

Create an original and argumentative thesis that fulfills the “5 Qualities of a Strong Thesis,”and craft thoughtful claims (which will typically appear in the topic sentence of each of your composed paragraphs.)

Employ a problem/solutionand/orcause/effectstructure. Explainthe root causes/problems of your topic,and the consequences or results to show what is being done about it.Then, discuss your own logical conclusions and assertive reflections.

You must conduct research and incorporate46credible sources (at least 1 must be scholarlya.k.a. an academic source. . . the online “LUCI” tutorial assignment, which is worth 30points, will help you with this). Your other sources can be anything from: ebooks, regular books, Public Service Announcements, news article sources (such as Associated Press,Reuters, The Guardian,etc.), TedTalks, organizations’ websites, etc. If you have any questions about the credibility of a source, you should check with me before using it in your essay.

In your conclusion, and elsewhere in your paper as appropriate, connect these concepts to your own experiences and identityand what you hope to accomplish when you get into your field. Consider discussingany preconceived notionsyou have had prior to doing your research.Also, consider real world application, and make speculations on what might be done, moving forward. Should people continue to strive to be innovative within the field? Or can certain implemented (ethical) practices or strategies make a difference?Ask yourself “big” questions when you begin the research, and try to answer them in your conclusion


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