Enterprise Risk Management

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Topic: Chapter 13 – “TD Bank’s Approach to an Enterprise Risk Management Program”

Overview: This case study focuses on how TD Bank Group uses enterprise risk management (ERM) to grow profitably while keeping in mind the balance between taking and managing its risks. TD recognizes that having a strong risk culture and approach to risk management is fundamental to success. As such, TD’s ERM approach is based on enabling TD’s business to understand the risks it faces and to develop the policies, processes, and controls required to manage them appropriately in alignment with the bank’s strategy and risk appetite.

Answer the following questions regarding this case study:

  1. How does an ERM program help an organization to better understand their risk culture?
  2. What are the determining factors in deciding which risks TD can take?
  3. How does TD measure the risks in their organization?

Please ensure you refer to the rubric for specific details on the requirements for this assignment!

ITS 835 Module Three Essay Guidelines and Rubric.pdf


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