environmental communication proposal and research paper

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The topic of the paper is Conduct a critical review of how environmental issues are communicated in popular media (such as trade books, documentaries, etc). How are such media effective (or ineffective) in engaging the public with environmental issues such as climate change? For example, one might compare and contrast three recent documentaries on environmental crisis (e.g. Chasing Coral, Before the Flood, This Changes Everything). There are a large number of books which explore different aspects of environmental crisis (e.g. David Wallace Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth and Jeff Goodell’s The Water Will Come explore climate science and impacts, Jonathan Foer’s We are the Weather and Kate Aaronoff et al’s A Planet to Win look at different approaches to climate action).

Please write a proposal first and finish it in 2 days. So I can get feedback and clear demonstrate for reaserch paper. The content of paper should emphasis the role of communication in environmental problems.The abstract should be roughly 500 words in length. It should describe the proposed topic area, primary research questions and a brief explanation of how your research will allow you to answer those questions. The proposal is not expected to summarize the results of your research or present the arguments you will develop. Instead, it should describe your topic as clearly and precisely as possible.

The detail of proposal and paper I have attached below. Please follow the guideline.


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