Equations on how to do following problems

You have 175 mL of a 1.6 M solution of LiCl (lithium chloride). You need to dilute this solution so you have 1.0 L instead. What is the concentration of your new solution? (HINT: The chemical composition of the solution is irrelevant. In other words, the fact that it is LITHIUM CHLORIDE will not affect your calculations.)

You need to make 10.0 L of 1.2 M KNO3(potassium nitrate). However, you only have 2.5 L of potassium nitrate, with an unknown concentration. What must the molarity of that 2.5 L be, if you are able to successfully make the 10.0 L?

How many milliliters of 5.0 M copper(II) sulfate solution must be added to 160 mL of water to achieve a 0.30 M copper(II) sulfate solution?

Consider the previous question. After you complete the dilution, what is the TOTAL VOLUME of the 0.30 M copper(II) sulfate solution?

You are asked to create a 0.65 M solution of KBr (potassium bromide). You have 95 mL of 0.55 M KBr. Will you be able to make the solution? Explain yourself

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