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  • 2P1: Ergonomics Current Event

    Identify a current event about ergonomics from a credible source (WikiPedia is not considered a credible source in academics). Discuss with your fellow learers the current findings / technologies / research / etc that you have found and how you feel this will benefit or harm potential workers. Feel free to include photographs or links to any videos that are relevant to your event.Comment on at least two other learners – discussing their event and the techniques they have discussed in their original post.

  • Assignment

    2A1: Research – Ergonomic Assessment Tools

    Attached Files:

    Ergonomic Programs utilize different techniques to identify, analyze, and control work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Injuries.Research the following ergonomic assessment tools:

    • NIOSH Lifting Equations
    • Snook Tables
    • Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA)
    • Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA)
    • Vibration Meter

    Prepare a presentation report that covers the following information:

    • Describe the tool – visuals would be appropriate on the slide, with full description in the notes.
    • Identify applications or research environments where this tool is used, and summarize where this piece of equipment or software would be beneficial to an ergonomic setting.
    • Research and describe where this tool was used in research to benefit an organization or a specific work process.
    • Summarize how to use this tool.

    I follow the rule of less is more on the PowerPoint slide. Your slide should contain talking points; your notes should be full of your beautiful thoughts! Please use the attached rubric to guide you to make the best presentation.
    Please include a cover-slide and a reference slide.

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