Essay 1For this weeks first assignment, you will write a

Essay 1For this week’s first assignment, you will write a 1-2 page essay explaining the process of gang recruitment. Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format. This is worth 50 points, so be thorough and give your best effort.The processes of gang member recruitment and of youths turning to the gang are quite various, as are initiations which can be brutal and highly violent (Delaney, 2013).Write a 1-2 page paper (not including title and reference pages) that addresses the following:Explain the process of the socialization of a gang member, i.e., recruitment and the brainwashing of new recruits.Include what types of people are most at risk of joining gangs.Detail how risk factors influence youths’ decisions to join gangs.Cite properly per APA in-text and reference list protocols

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