ESSAY 2 TOPIC: (750-999 words exactly followed by your references in perfect APA style which do not count towards the word count. 750-999 words is about 1.25-1.75 pages single spaced). Don’t go over 2 pages. 12pt, Times New Roman (don’t go smaller than 12

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ESSAY 2 TOPIC: (750-999 words exactly followed by your references in perfect APA style which do not count towards the word count. 750-999 words is about 1.25-1.75 pages single spaced). Don’t go over 2 pages. 12pt, Times New Roman (don’t go smaller than 12pt font)

A) Explain Berry’s acculturation model and apply the model to an aspect of your identity or experiences. You can also relate this to concepts from the Lyubansky reading. Reminder: key is to highlight full understanding of theory and research – this should be majority of essay.

B) Provide a critique, evaluation, or extension of Chua’s and Li’s perspective. You can also relate this to concepts from the Lyubansky or Berry reading.

C) Explain an example of prejudice and discrimination in current events or from personal experiences using theories from the readings (social identity theory, social dominance theory, symbolic racism, etc)

D) Explain why some people responded negatively to the NFL player protests during the national anthem during last year using prejudice theories.

E) Explain the pattern of interracial dating preferences using theories/evidence. Are these patterns a result of prejudice and discrimination, or do other patterns explain the results? Do different theories explain men’s versus women’s patterns?

F) Apply the theories you learned to help understand prejudice, discrimination, or positive intergroup interactions in Southern California, in your personal experiences, in current events, popular TV show, or book. Apply theories/evidence.

G) If we were to conduct a UCSD prison study, do you think the results would be the same or different as the Stanford prison experiment? Apply research, theory, evidence.

H) Have you been in situations in which you have conformed or complied – what aspects of the situation increased you conformity or compliance? Apply research, theory, evidence.

I)How might you use the power of situations, conformity, or compliance to change people’s behaviors in a positive direction? Apply research, theory, evidence.

J) Pick a celebrity, athlete, or yourself, and explain their behavior as a product of the situation, their personality, or a person by situation interaction. Give a little background on the person and the behavior (up to one-third of essay), and then an analysis of their behavior. Apply research, theory, evidence.

K) Apply the theories to explain a current political or social phenomenon.

General Essay Tips

1. Use or reference overarching theory or perspective (e.g., objectification, evolutionary, sociocultural, social learning, social cognitive) to frame your argument.

2. Scientific essays usually start with an opening hook (Scary statistic, literary/historical quote, surprising study finding, broad statement about human nature, conflict or debate between warring perspectives, and then make a claim that is then systematically defended.

3. Scientific essays typically have a clear thesis and roadmap that foreshadows the arguments and later sections of the essay. For example, Consistent with theory ___, I will argue that pornography is harmful for reasons X, Y, and Z. Then there is a section in the body of the essay on X, one on Y, and one on Z.

4. Make sure to use at least 4-6+ outside research journal articles (not from general websites, but actual peer-reviewed scientific research journals).

5. Place your references at the end in APA style (does not count towards your word limit)

Example Formats for Paper Thesis

1) Theory X and Theory Y make competing claims – I will show which claim is stronger.

2)Theory X claims that ___ is true, but I will show it is only true in ___ circumstances

3)Theory X claims that ___ is true, but I show this claim is false

4)Experiment X claimed to find that ___ is true, but I will show why this experiment is not valid

5)Theory X claims ___ and Theory Y claims ___, and I will show how these can be combined

6)Theory X claims ___, and I will show a unique application of this theory

Checklist for Essay (evaluate your essay based on each criteria below before submitting)

1) Is there a clear opening hook that introduces your phenomenon in an engaging yet professional way?

2) Is there a clear thesis in the opening – the main claim you will be defending in your essay?

3) Is there a clear roadmap at the end of the opening that foreshadows the argument?

4A) Does each paragraph have a clear point/thesis (topic sentence) that ties back to overarching argument?

4B) Is this point defended with research evidence, references to the readings, references to key theories or findings from the readings, strong logical argument, or other strong evidence?

5) By the end of the essay, is it clear what the main point and argument was?

6) Meta: Was the essay particularly creative and persuasive?

7) Meta: Did the essay show a strong command of the theories, research, arguments?

8A) Writing: Is each sentence structured effectively, succinctly, and overall well written?

8B) APA Style: Are in-text citations done correctly? Frederick and Haselton (2007) found that monkeys are cool. This finding has been replicated by other studies (Smith & Nguyen, 2015; Zebrowitz et al., 2012). Note that you never give the full author name, article title, or journal title in text. Just author last names and years.

8C) APA Style Reference Section: Are all references in APA style? See below for example

Frederick, D. A., & Monky, C. B. (2020). The effects of monkeys on house messiness: An experimental investigation.Journal of Monkey Studies, 42, 20-32.

Example Paper Structure

Paragraph 1:

Hook: The majority of men ages 18-29 consume over thirty minutes of pornography per week (Hald & Malamuth, 2009). Men’s consumption of pornography likely has an influence on how their female partners feel about their own appearance (Tylka, 2005). Understanding the pressures that influence women’s body image is critical because body dissatisfaction is linked to anxiety and depression (Stice, 2002), discomfort with sexual activity with a partner (Newhall, 2019), and developing disordered eating patterns (Smyth, 2020).

Thesis and Roadmap:Consistent with objectification theory, I propose that pornography causes men to sexually objectify women, which leads to women engaging in surveillance, which leads to body image dissatisfaction. This problem can be reduced by instituting media literacy programs in high schools.

Para 2: Describe objectification theory and evidence that pornography is an example of objectification I will cite Fredrickson and Roberts (2007); Moradi and Parent (2008)

Objectification causes surveillance, which causes poorer body image (bolded body section C)

Para 3: Give evidence object. leads to women engaging in self-objectification and surveillance

Para 4: Give evidence surveillance leads to body dissatisfaction.I will cite Bern (2020), Mclellan (2013), Wall and Rabit (2015).

Conclusion: Media literacy will improve body image(bolded body section D)

Para 5: Give evidence that media literacy programs will reduce effects porn has on body image.I will cite Rodgers, Stewart, and Mitchison, 2012


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