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Hi, for this essay I will ask you to experiment with and attack it from an entirely different perspective. I’m not asking for merely a revision of the earlier draft, but instead a totally new treatment of the subject. Perhaps you’d like to take a travel narrative and turn it into a how-to essay. Perhaps you’d like to argue from an opposing side of an issue that you focused on in an earlier essay. Perhaps you’d like to rethink your entire perspective on something that happened in a memoir event. Perhaps you’d like to shift the point of view of the essay. What sort of radical shift you make in the approach to the subject matter is up to you. Be as creative and experimental as you like. I’ll reward you for taking a rhetorical risk and penalize you for playing it safe and sticking close to the design of the old essay.

Essay should be between 500-750 words.

Include one-paragraph analysis in which you explain what you learned about writing from the assignment and progression of that particular essay. In the analysis paragraph, be sure to include literary vocabulary you’ve learned along the way when discussing the essay (e.g., hook, point of view, structure, diction, grammar, imagery, dialogue, setting, hyperbole, personification, metaphor, etc.)


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