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Many people today talk about the dangers of the Internet and technology as we know it today. Among other ideas, people think that the Internet is changing people’s brains and the way they process information.

In the readings provided for this final essay, Kat Ascharya and Nicholas Carr provide their points of view on this topic.

Essay Topic:

Basing your essay on the ideas of Ascharya and Carr, answer the following question:

Are the effects of the Internet and technology as we know of them today hazardous to our brains and to us as social beings?

Explain your point of view on this topic in an essay of 1200 words minimum.

You may only use the following sources for this essay:

Kat Ascharya “What Facebook Is Doing to Your Brain Is Kind of Shocking”

Nicholas Carr “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”


Discuss this question in an essay of 1200 words.

Provide at least 4 examples with in-text citations of information from only the readings provided in this module [no other sources allowed] in MLA format.


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