Essay of DefinitionAfter you have completed the dialogue, yo

Essay of DefinitionAfter you have completed the dialogue, youare to write a 600-750 word essay which defines the very topic that youworked with Socrates on. In other words, you take your paper where youwere the role of Meno, and you develop this into an original essay ofdefinition. The extent to which you employ Socratic reasoning will be animportant measure of your success as a writer.Effective WritingOne of the chief characteristics of effective writing is more sophisticated syntax, or sentence structure. We endeavor to reach for complexity, in order to match the sophistication of our ideas.Conversely,when we think of emergent readers, it is easier to think of elementarysyntax of Dr. Seuss, for example: ‘I do not like green eggs and ham, Ido not like them . . .’ It is easy for us to remember the rhyme andrhythm, but at the same time, we need to consider that most of our ideasrequire greater variety. And the key here is that we use variety—notfor its own sake—but to allow us the dexterity to interact with ourreaders in a way that allows for us to interact with our writingsuccessfully.I have attached all information needed for the assignment

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