essay on book Night 2-3 pages mla format

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Elie Wiesel’s personal account of internment at the infamous Auschwitz Death Camp during the Holocaust can be defined as one person’s journey through personal hell to salvation on the other side. His account is both horrifying and articulate in its quest to detail the year he spent imprisoned before being freed by Allied forces.

Write an essay reflecting on his path where he begins in his village in Hungary to his ultimate emancipation. How does his story evince principles of hope, courage, and faith both in humanity and in his higher power? Through a close reading of the text, offer a critical analysis of how Wiesel conveys those themes. Keep in mind that your analysis should address the following points:

  1. Briefly summarize the novel and focus on the key issues that you think it presents
  2. As you focus on Wiesel’s narrative, give specific evidence from the text that demonstrates the issues of faith, courage, and hope in the face of certain destruction.
  3. The evidence should be followed by your analysis of the situation in which Wiesel strives to keep his hope of being alive so that one day he can be free
  4. Draw your own inference on what Wiesel communicates about the nature of good and evil in humanity

Your paper should be 2-3 pgs., MLA Format (with appropriate in-text citations and Works Cited Page), Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

Also, a note on achieving a successful analysis- resist the temptation to simply retell the plot. Some summary is absolutely necessary to provide context and background for your reader’s comprehension, but simply summarizing what has happened in the text is not analysis. You must analyze how the events of the text (along with other literary elements) add up to convey a theme that the writer was hoping to express.


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