essential functions of the state in Rodrick and in Wolf

What are the key, essential functions of the state in Rodrick and in Wolf? Are these being undermined, eroded, by globalization or not?   What does Susan Strange say on this issue?

2.What are the various specific manifestations of these roles (real life examples).   And Susan Strange on this?

3. In your view, is the state a friend and enabler of globalization? An obstacle to it? Both? Explain.

-short answer, not essay. You must use readings which sent by me. And only use my reading
Steger A Very Short Introduction Ch. 4, pp. 60-73Strange, “The Declining Authority of States” H&M Ch. 11Wolf “Will the Nation State Survive Globalization?” BlackboardRodrik Globalization Paradox Ch. 1 pp. 3-23(67 pages total)-3pg total  2-3 paragraphs for each question -mla-need reference and cite


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