Evaluating the model of democracy applying Arend Lijphart’s grand theory

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Using the typology provided by Arend Lijphart in his book “Patterns of democracy” (week 7 – “Models of Democracy”) as a basis of their assessment of Bulgarian democracy the students should:

  1. Individually apply the 10 criteria that Lijphart develops to the chosen by me political system.
  2. Deliberate on the common values that should be assigned to every component. Identify possible issues, problems, shortcomings with the application to any of these criteria for understanding the type of democracy.
  3. Based on the context evaluate the overall logic of the model developed by Lijphart.
  4. Deliver a short presentation in class.
  5. Upload the presentation in moodle prior to the class in question.
  6. Write a short (two-three pages long) essay justifying your view on the matters mentioned above.


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