Exam 3 (Ch5).&nbspAcct 20114 questions, there is no time limit,

Exam 3 (Ch5). Acct 20114 questions, there is no time limit, but you are limited to one attempt. You can enter the exam to see the questions anytime. You have to check chapter 5 before taking the exam. Here is one of the questions: On December 31 of the current year, Plunkett Company reported an ending inventory balance of $220,000. The following additional information is also available:•Plunkett sold and shipped goods costing $39,000 to Savannah Enterprises on December 28 with shipping terms of FOB shipping point. The goods were not included in the ending inventory amount of $220,000.•Plunkett purchased goods costing $45,000 on December 29. The goods were shipped FOB destination and were received by Plunkett on January 2 of the following year. The shipment was a rush order that was supposed to arrive by December 31. These goods were included in the ending inventory balance of $220,000.•Plunkett’s ending inventory balance of $220,000 included $16,000 of goods being held on consignment from Carole Company. (Plunkett Company is the consignee.)•Plunkett’s ending inventory balance of $220,000 did not include goods costing $96,000 that were shipped to Plunkett on December 27 with shipping terms of FOB destination and were still in transit at year-end.Based on the above information, the amount that Plunkett should report in ending inventory on December 31 is:- $204,000- $198,000- $159,000- $175,000- $214,000

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