Examine the reasons why some health care policies might not achieve their intended objectives.”

Examine the reasons why some health care policies might not achieve their intended objectives.”


“Examine the reasons why some health care policies might not achieve their intended objectives.”

Order Description

• General information on the health care policies and how they have impacted in the health care system in terms of health status, utilization and accessibility. Policy development and general problems in the implementation process.
• The stakeholders in the Health care system and their views on the benefits of health care policies.
• Political, economic, socio-cultural and ethical reasons why the health policies have not been as effective as anticipated by the policy makers.
Policies in the Health Care System
• This section will discuss briefly policies that have failed to develop or achieve intended results. Medicare policies, Affordable Care Act (ACA), The Nurse Managed Health Care Policies (NMHCP), cost-containment policies-lack of institutional and structural frameworks undermine implementation.
• No strong governance system to ensure compliance- implementation difficult, undesired results
• The effectiveness of Medicare policies in health services and problems such as mismatch with priorities in health sector and lack of supportive infrastructure will be discussed
• Consumerism policies- Consumer-focused health plan- top-down implementation difficult, the top-down approach undermines the role of the other actors thus slowing implementation.

Failure of Health Care Policies
• Examining the progress of Health care policies in the U.S and UK and the reasons for failure
• The Case in Brazil, Pakistan- A brief description of policy implementation.
Economic and Financial Reasons
• Rising costs in the health care system, limited access and reduced quality services limit the success of health policies
• Economic and financial crisis in a country leads to poor implementation of health policies. Restrictive policies, rise in healthcare fees, poor quality services (increased public spending on health care system), reduced personnel recruitment in healthcare, reduced social health insurance and economic disparities.
• Long term insurance risks – inflation risks and changes relating to health insurance policies may render the implementation of policies ineffective. Health insurer policies may impose barriers to users.

Ethic-Based Reasons

• Consumerism- Ethical perspective/ reasons for failure of health care policies; tax incentives are a wrong prescription to deal with the uninsured problem in the health sector particularly for the low-income earners.
• Limited sharing of information on health care- undermines coordination of implementation efforts
Political and Institutional Reasons
• Ambiguity of healthcare policies –There is no clearly defined framework to regulate the increasing health care policies, weak governing structures in the health sector that limit implementation.
• The free market system undermines policy implementation- tax policies lead to increasing health care costs rather than improving accessibility and affordability.
• Political reasons- Democratic vs. Republican views on health policies- divided commitment by implementers.
• Policy conflicts that emanate opposition from interest groups who perceive the policy to bring dis-benefits lead to ineffective implementation and undesired consequences-interpersonal conflicts, ideological, political, environmental conflicts that undermine success.
Socio-cultural reasons
• Cultural / Social disparities that limit access by some groups – cultural barriers – the Hispanic vs. non-Hispanics, immigrants vs. citizens –These differences undermines the implementation efforts
• The need for personal freedom conflicts with the goals for health policies- Implementation becomes difficult.
• A case example of the ACA will be described; policy resistance has slowed down the implementation process.
Conclusion and Recommendations
• The section will restate the key points relating to failure of health care policies
• Recommendations based on the reasons will be outlined showing how governments and countries can address the issues of policy implementation and success.

“Examine the reasons why some health care policies might not achieve their intended objectives.”

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